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Xiamen Unitop Plumbing Technology Co.,Ltd | S10002460

Major products:

Cistern Fittings,Cistern Mechanism,Toilet Flush Valve,Toilet Fill Valve,Toilet Repair Kits,Tank Fittings,Toilet Inlet Valve,Dual Flush Valve,Flapper Flush Valve

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Founded in 2011 in the beautiful seaside city Xiamen, Fujian Provience, Xiamen Unitop Plumbing Technology is specialized in developing and manufacturing toilet tank fittings. Our products maintain international government code certification throughout the world to independently assure our quality and performance. Combined with rigorous product testing, ongoing production quality processes ,our customers an end-users can be assured receiving the absolute best quality finished product.
key advantages:Unitop has been working for 6 years in the plumbing industry, products has CE/cUPC/Wras certification. We also has our own mould factory and R&D department to develop the new products.


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