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  • We have obtained ISO9001 quality system certificate and CE certificate since 2008, and has gained many honors such as the National High and New Technology Enterprise, Jiangsu Provincial Innovation Enterprise, Jiangsu Agriculture S&T Enterprise, Jiangsu TOP100 High-growth of Technology Enterprise, and Jiangsu Private Owned S&T Enterprise etc. We provide the special agriculture products grading and selection, drying equipment, fruit and vegetable processing solution, extraction and low temperature evaporation equipment, fruit vinegar and fruit wine project and egg cleaning, grading and egg mixture machinery,etc to many countries such as Australia, Russia, Argentina, Columbia, Emirates, India, Thailand, etc.
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Yangzhou Flourish Fruit and Vegetable Juice Machines Co., Ltd

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Palm Dates Opto-Electronic Size & Color Line, Palm Dates Paste/Decoloring Concentrate Juice/Clear Juice/Powder Line, Mango/ Papaya Puree/Concentrate Puree Line, Apple/Orange/Carrot Nfc Or Concentrate Juice Line, Palm Dates Vinegar/ Wine Production Line, Multi-Vegetable Quick Freeze Drying Line, Pineapple/Apple/Herbal Leaves Belt Press Juice Extracting Machine, Orange Cup Type Juice Extracting Machine, Potato/Carrot/Sweet Potato/ Beet Steam Peeling System, Tubular Type (Tube In Tube) Sterilizer, Multi-Effect Falling Film Evaporator, Palm Dates/ Apple/ Orange Opto-Electronic Size/Color Grading Machine

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