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Massage chair A9A

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Massage chair A9A
Shouken Technologies ( Hangzhou) CO.,LTD
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Brand new 3D soft arm massage engine, six stretching sections bring up to 80mm in-depth massage.

Ten sets of automatic massage programs to caringly meet the health needs of the whole family.

Body curves and acupoints automatic and precise detection to provide comfortable massage methods for different physique. The brand new rhythmic roller foot massage will carefully take care of human's second heart.

Alpha brain wave music + satisfying music, play music as you wish while appease restlessness.

Up to 50 systemic stereo airbags offer comfortable full pressure alleviating and decompression

Seat and waist unique alternate air inflation between the right and left, achieve the waist swing function around the waist.

European-style cabin inclusive design, the smooth streamlined appearance reflects its dignity.

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SHOUKEN was founded in the beginning of this century, with strong mechanical and electrical product manufacturing resources, unceasingly learning and integrating the world's advanced artificial intelligence and mechatronics technology, as well as combining the health care practice of traditional Chinese medicine of thousands of years (acupressure massage, blood meridian). With great efforts of the TCM massage health care experts and ergonomists from "SHOUKEN Science and Technology Institute", it is endeavored to undertake product innovation and elite channels cultivation to create a national brand in the field of health care and relaxation in China.


For more than ten years, SHOUKEN Technologies have achieved something concisely from a broad reading and acted with restraint on the base of a large accumulation, and launched more than 20 products such as the intelligent automatic massage chair, intelligent office massage chair, household/commercial chess and card entertaining massage chair, multi-functional car/household massage cushion, leg massage device, spine massager, head massager, body massage belt, full-featured massage shawl, massage stick, etc.


Since its inception, SHOUKEN has always made "leading relaxation science and technology, enjoying a healthy fashion" as the core demands of the brand development, always focusing on offering professional massage and relaxation devices for all kinds of fashion-oriented clubs, branded 4S shop car owners lounge, aviation and golf VIP lounge, senior business and government elites, providing intelligent massage relaxation experience integrating business, leisure, house and office for the rapidly growing Chinese high-end elite class.


As a premium brand in automatic intelligent massage chair industry in China, SHOUKEN has formed a huge domestic sales and service system, the network of which covers cities above county-level in China region, and worked with Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Land Rover, Volvo and other international car brands in providing professional massage and relaxation experience for car owners in more than 5,000 branded automobile 4S shops' VIP lounges throughout the country.

After years of efforts, SHOUKEN has gradually created an outstanding operational and technical team and gathered a large number of channel elites, who always adhere to the core value of "carefulness, responsibility, speed and share", remaining focused on customer value, wining wide recognition and praise from tens of millions of elites with the brand image of "professional technologies, healthy fashion", upon which, it maintains a healthy and stably rapid growth.


SHOUKEN is a company integrating design, R&D, production and sales, focusing on massage devices, sci-tech solutions for health maintenance and brand services in health industry. It has obtained high-tech enterprise certification, with as many as more than one hundred patents, and has health sports and massage equipment provincial R&D center, and cooperated with Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University in establishing the "Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University - Shouken Health Technologies R&D Center". Upon which, Shouken has been praised as one of the top 10 massage chair best-selling brands, top 50 Asian brands, top 10 Asian (industrial) brands of credibility, top 100 Asian brands in growth, Chinese brand example, top 500 of China Quality, stable and qualified product approved by National Quality Inspection, the national excellent enterprise with good quality and integrity and other honors. SHOUKEN lead the global healthy relaxation life with power of science and technology.


The professional level determines the high degree, the brand secures the future. In 2015, the famous economist, Professor Larry Lang officially took up the post of brand ambassador of SHOUKEN Technologies. From then on, SHOUKEN initiated the intelligent interaction among finance and economy star, economist and health technologies industry, who will jointly spread the healthy value of "cultivate oneself, bring order to the family, govern the country, bring peace to all" under the new normal.


Looking to the future, SHOUKEN will aim high and work down to earth, further consolidating the team's wisdom and strongly integrating the upstream and downstream industry resources, striving to realize deep integration of advanced smart technology and profound Chinese massage health care, highly focusing on customer value, taking responsibility for the health of elites in China and even the whole world, and endeavoring to create innovative smart brand in the field of health and relaxation.